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This page contains frequently asked questions about SureLogic and the SureLogic tools.

The basics

Do I have to use Eclipse?

Yes the tools only support Eclipse. We have had prototypes in NetBeans and have interest in supporting the tools in IDEA and more specifically, Android Studio. But this engineering is still in the planning and design stages.

Do you support Android Studio/IDEA?

Not today, we want to and are working toward this. Clearly, for Android developers at least, that is the future IDE. We'll post updates here as progress is made. If you have both Android Studio and Eclipse/ADT you can use Flashlight by launching your binary APK (built in Android Studio) which might be useful for some developers.

Java 8 support

Running the SureLogic tools on Java 8

It is required to run the SureLogic tools on a VM that is at least Java 7. So your Eclipse must run on Java 7. It is recommended you run your Eclipse on Java 8, but not required. In particular the removal of PERMGEN helps Eclipse in general and the SureLogic tools as well.

Scanning your Java 8 source code with the SureLogic tools

Flashlight and Sierra both support your Java 8 code (any problems we consider bugs). JSure does not yet support Java 8, support is expected by the end of 2015.

Purchasing commercial licenses

What happens when I purchase a license?

You will be emailed the license. There may be a delay of up to a day because commercial purchases are reviewed at SureLogic. Therefore, we recommend you install a trial license to get up and running. There is no problem installing both a commercial license and a trial license.