Setting up Accumulo

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Setting up Accumulo in Eclipse

Note: This will not work on Windows, but seems okay on Linux and OS X. It also seems to require Maven 3.0 or above.

  1. (command line) Check accumulo out. The best way to do this is svn co at the command-line. If you do it in Eclipse you need to delete the ".project" file it creates or the import project step below won't work properly.
  2. (command line) Make sure you have maven installed ( From the root directory of the project, run mvn -DdownloadSources=true -DdownloadJavadocs=true eclipse:eclipse package -P assemble.
  3. (in Eclipse) Add M2_REPO as a Classpath Variable. You can do this from Eclipse's preferences, under Java -> Build Path -> Classpath Variables. Click New... and map M2_REPO to your local maven repository, which should be something like ~/.m2/repository. Note that this is created in your home directory by Maven, not Accumulo, and this variable is needed to resolve the classpath properly in Eclipse.
  4. (in Eclipse) Import the existing eclipse projects into your workspace. If you select the root accumulo directory in the Import Wizard, it should display 8 projects for you to import.
  5. (at command line) To run tests use mvn test to do everything run mvn package.