Questions or problems? We're here to help!

If you have questions or run into problems with our tools we have several options to get you up and running again. Regardless if you're having technical issues, licensing issues, or are having trouble understanding the documentation, the below resources can get you in contact with our team as well as a global user community.

Tool documentation is available within Eclipse and on-line for JSure (annotations), Flashlight, and Sierra. This includes quick start guides and tutorials.

Our FAQ list contains frequently asked questions about everything related to the SureLogic tools and their use.

Head to our community forum to interact with SureLogic engineers and our user community. Ask questions, post your insights, search past discussions.

Our Wiki contains longer articles on the effective use of the SureLogic tools. If you are looking to learn effective use of the JSure annotations head to the Wiki.

If you have a problem or have a suggestion you can file an issue at our public Bugzilla. You can track new features and bug fixes of interest to you.