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Advanced tools for Java developers

SureLogic empowers Java developers with powerful tools based on software analysis technology that can help them build high quality, high performance applications with confidence. The SureLogic suite is designed to enhance developer productivity, to afford unique levels of specialized software assurance, and to enable a range of performance improvements.

Sierra a bug management platform for enterprise development teams

Sierra helps developers deal with the often overwhelming number of findings produced by popular broad-range source code analysis tools when analyzing large codebases. It also facilitates smooth integration of such tools into team development processes.

JSure for Concurrency "Are my threads accessing shared state in a safe way?"

JSure is a model-based static analysis tool that helps developers gain confidence in their multi-threaded code, regardless of scale or complexity. JSure, uniquely, provides positive assurance (sound analysis, not rule-based) that correct locks are held when shared state is accessed.

Flashlight Dynamic Analysis Illuminating concurrency issues in running code

When developers are in the dark about why their application is experiencing intermittent failures, poor performance, or data corruption, Flashlight provides visibility. It is a runtime profiler that illuminates threading behavior and access to shared state.


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