What FindBugs? What PMD? (versions)

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What FindBugs? What PMD? (versions)

Postby tim.halloran » 14 Oct 2015 11:33

If you want to know the exact versions of PMD/CPD and FindBugs that Sierra is using. You can figure it out from your install by a bit of digging in your Eclipse installation directory (not your workspace!).

Go to your Eclipse installation then look in the "plugins" directory for
com.surelogic.sierra.pmd_* and com.surelogic.fb_*

To be concrete in the 5.7.0 release to get the FindBugs version look in \eclipse\plugins\com.surelogic.sierra.fb_5.7.0.201510021700\com\surelogic\sierra\tool\findbugs directory. There will be a file called FindBugsToolFactory.manifest which contains text. In this text is the line

Bundle-Version: 3.0.1

which indicates FindBugs is version 3.0.1.

PMD is similar, look in \eclipse\plugins\com.surelogic.sierra.pmd_5.7.0.201510021700\com\surelogic\sierra\tool\pmd directory. There will be a file called PMDToolFactory.manifest (and one called CPDToolFactory.manifest) which contains the lince

Bundle-Version: 5.3.3

which indicates PMD is version 5.3.3.

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