Downloading the SureLogic tools

If you're an experienced Eclipse user then simply point your IDE toward our update site

and load the latest version of the SureLogic tools into your Eclipse. You can choose to load all the SureLogic tools or just one. In a nutshell, you must be running Eclipse on at least a Java 7 virtual machine (a Java 8 virtual machine is recommended). Further, do not try to install the optional Android-specific Flashlight plug-in if you do not have the ADT installed in your Eclipse.

If you need more detailed instructions or want to download the tools as an archived update site (one file) to be installed on several computers or you use Ant/Maven then click below to see the detailed instructions for the current tool release.

Detailed instructions on how to download and install the Eclipse-based SureLogic tools

Don't forget that once you get the tools installed, you'll need a license to use them.