SureLogic is a spinoff of Carnegie Mellon University.

SureLogic empowers Java developers with powerful software analysis tooling that can help them build and evolve high quality, high performance applications with confidence. The SureLogic tool suite is designed to enhance developer productivity, to afford unique levels of specialized software assurance, and to use analysis as a means to enable a range of performance and security improvements.

Unlike many other software analysis capabilities, the SureLogic tools are designed for scale, soundness (in many cases), usability, and straightforward integration into development and evaluation processes. The tools shed light on "deep properties" of software, for example related to safe concurrency, structure and component safety, and performance. The tool suite, which combines static and dynamic techniques, builds on more than five years of development and validation through highly demanding custom client experience. This enables the analyses to address questions related to use of locks, null references, mutability, thread-confined, false sharing, waits and blockages, internal access to state, deadlock, abstraction bypass, API/structural pattern compliance, and many other properties. The tools are thus complementary to the well-established broad-scope heuristic analysis tools. Importantly, the SureLogic tools not only identify issues but, for many attributes, they can also provide strong contingent assurances. In other words, they do not have false negatives for these attributes. Additionally, because of the highly selective use of annotations, the tools rarely exhibit false positives. The tools have been used to find issues and identify repairs in larger-scale code bases such as the Android Open Source Project, Android apps, Hadoop components, and many Java libraries.

Building on this experience, SureLogic is now making the tools directly available to users. For details, click here.

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